Top 10 Spoken English Classes in Mumbai

Top 10 Spoken English Institutes in Mumbai  

Today, spoken English courses in Mumbai are necessary for a variety of reasons. First, English is the most widely spoken language in the world, which facilitates communication between people of various backgrounds and opens doors to international travel, education, and employment opportunities. Since English is the language of business and commerce, effective English communication skills are crucial for professional success and networking with clients and partners worldwide. In addition, speaking English can enhance your personal and social life by enhancing your social skills, cultural awareness, and confidence. Mastering spoken English can boost a person’s self-esteem and give them the confidence to take on new challenges and pursue their goals. Acquiring spoken English provides numerous opportunities for personal and professional development, nurturing intercultural understanding, expanding career options, and enhancing the quality of life. As you can see, there are numerous opportunities for English-speaking professionals, and in the coming years, there will be even more due to the increasing digitization of businesses. If you want to advance your career through English fluency, now is the time to start studying the language. There are so many available courses and programs that it can be challenging to choose the finest one. In light of this, we have compiled a list of the top ten English-speaking courses that will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in order to obtain the most advantageous opportunities.  Regardless of your level of English proficiency, these courses will help you advance your career. Our curated list is determined by reputation, instructional methods, course content, and student achievement. These highly regarded classes provide thorough instruction in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversational skills. You will gain the confidence to speak English fluently with the help of seasoned instructors and interactive sessions. Join us on a transformational journey to master the English language in 2023’s best spoken English classes in Mumbai.  

Here are the top English-speaking classes in Mumbai:


It is a site where they encourage non-native English speakers to communicate like natives. Their students will have the opportunity to acquire the confidence-inspiring instruments necessary to learn English. They will prepare them to confront the world with greater discipline and sophistication. It’s a place where they work holistically with every individual so that they can continually develop. The instruction will be based on their areas of development by evaluating them using the appropriate rubrics. Not only do their spoken programs accommodate novices, but also those who wish to refine their speaking and writing skills. Vision N Mission – No effort should be spared by those who wish to attain great success in life due to English alone. With the spoken programs of let us master, every pupil will have the opportunity to develop themselves in every way. A) How to ‘Let us master’ works: Their methodology is rooted in the logic model method, focusing on individual developmental areas. Through buzz sessions, they gain a deeper understanding of each student, providing a platform to address their specific challenges. Choosing them offers several advantages:
  • Comprehensive Approach: With their 360-degree technique, they cover all aspects of spoken English, including pronunciation, grammar, and speaking ability. uk
  • Innovative Technology: Their Hear and Sense technology utilizes artificial intelligence to provide personalized feedback. Students receive updates on their mistakes by listening and recording their voices. They are then given exercises to address specific errors, facilitating effective practice.
  • Collaborative Learning: They foster a collaborative and spaced learning environment, where students of similar proficiency levels learn together. This approach encourages idea sharing, knowledge exchange, and mutual support, enhancing the learning process.
B) Course they offer: They provide the Speakup program for English-speaking courses for beginners in Mumbai: This 30-day, 45-hour course focuses on establishing a sound English foundation. The Moveup programme is available for intermediate students: This programme seeks to improve students’ speaking and writing abilities while bolstering their self-assurance. Their Headway program: This program is intended to assist individuals in becoming more productive and excelling in various aspects of life. Through their programs, they aim to improve students’ language skills and provide them with the necessary tools for success and is one of the best English-speaking courses online in Mumbai. Students can anticipate a well-rounded and effective learning experience with a concentration on a variety of speaking activities, pronunciation, vocabulary development, and other components tailored to each program. Type of course – English-speaking Certification courses English-speaking course online classes in Mumbai are available. Website URL–  

2. English Speaking Coaching in Mumbai from BM English Speaking Institutes

BM The English classes are well-organized and highly interactive. Each pupil is provided with individualized attention and participation. It is a pleasant experience that will aid me in the future. Students will become much more confident now that my anxiety about speaking English has diminished. Group discussions, role-playing, public speaking, and podcasts help me increase my vocabulary. Contact Information and Location Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028 Address: 22, 2nd Floor, Bismillah Building, Opp Suvidha, Ranade Road, Dadar West Telephone: (098209) 88846  


Let’s Talk online english speaking classes in Mumbai is an excellent learning opportunity, and course content is meticulously managed. Each participant appreciates the trainer’s distinctive method of providing feedback. The best aspect of the training was identifying everyone’s assets and limitations and giving us advice on how to improve in our weaker areas.  Contact Information and Location Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091 Office No.25, Ground Floor, Goragandhi Apartment Borivali West, near Borivali Station Telephone: (096193 11832) Website:  

4. New Oxfords English Speaking Classes Mumbai English Speaking Instruction

New Oxfords Spoken English Classes in Mumbai is the ideal place to gain self-assurance, expand your vocabulary, and enhance your communication skills. The training methodologies are extremely effective. The instructors are exceptional. They will always value you in every circumstance. This programme is the greatest. New Oxfords English Speaking Classes English Speaking Coaching in Mumbai conduct a variety of activities, such as speech, story reading, word game, and role play, among others. The most essential aspect of these activities is that they help me better my interpersonal skills, which is the greatest contribution they make to my confidence. Contact Information and Location Address: Andheri (West), Lokhandwala, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053 Telephone: (098676 69568) Website:  

5. OM ENGLISH SPEAKING CLASSES English Speaking Coaching in Mumbai

OM ENGLISH SPEAKING CLASSES Excellent English-speaking course in Mumbai. Very positive atmosphere here. Here, you can study elementary English, advanced English, business English, personality development, and, most importantly, public speaking. If you fear public speaking, this is the class for you. Your heritage is irrelevant. Your willingness to learn is significant. Teachers are both enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The management personnel is exceptional. They provide excellent study materials.  Address: Building No. 128, Ramchandra B. Kadam Marg, market, opposite to Shivsena Shakha, Bhatwadi, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400084 Telephone: 098332 93519 Website:  


There are numerous activities that enhance our vocabulary and confidence. Activities such as public speaking, debate, role play, and group discussion are included in the English-Speaking Course at Anamika in Mumbai. The platform provided by Anamika English Speaking Course English Speaking Coaching in Mumbai enables me to develop my communication skills and confidence level. Contact Information and Location Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071 No.1, Pokar Mansion, N.G Acharya Marg, Chembur East, behind Syndicate Bank Telephone Number: 9820667091  


Speakwell English Academy in Kandivali West, Mumbai, is a well-known institution that specialises in English language education. Established in 2005, their primary objective is to enhance and improve the English communication skills of individuals. With a commitment to providing high-quality instruction, Speakwell English Academy aspires to be the region’s preferred language training institution. Individual attention and comprehensive personality development programmes are provided to ensure effective and assured English communication. The academy is renowned for preparing students for competitive examinations and cultivating outstanding communication skills. Address: Office No. 103/104, First Floor, Super Shopping Complex, Bajaj Cross Road, Kandivali West, Mumbai – 400067, Above Top Ten Mobile Shop and Opposite Garden Hotel TELEPHONE: 082910 29178  


Perfect English-speaking classes in Mumbai, located in Ghatkopar East, Mumbai, is a notable institution that specialises in English language instruction. Since its founding in 1995, the organization’s primary mission has been to assist individuals in developing and refining their English communication skills. Perfect English Speaking strives to become the preferable language training institute in the region by providing high-quality training with individualised attention and comprehensive personality development programmes. The institute is renowned for its proficiency in preparing students for competitive examinations and cultivating effective communication skills. In addition, they offer a variety of additional language programmes and personality development programmes. Address and contact details: Office No. 103/104, First Floor, Super Shopping Complex, Bajaj Cross Road, Kandivali West, Mumbai – 400067, Above Top Ten Mobile Shop and Opposite Garden Hotel TELEPHONE: 082910 29178  


Established in 2011, I Promise English Speaking in Andheri East, Mumbai is a leader in the category of Language Classes for English in Mumbai. This well-known business serves both local and out-of-town consumers from Mumbai. This company has established a solid footing in its industry over the duration of its existence. The belief that customer satisfaction is as essential as their products and services has helped this business amass an ever-growing customer base.  Address: 403, A Wing, Vertex Vikas, Court Lane, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400069, Close to Andheri Court Metro Station CALL: (098679) 57307 WEBSITE:  

 10. Orient Institute

Orient Institute specializes in Smart English Speaking, Public Speaking, and Personality Development training. With a concentration on clarity and simplicity, their courses are intended to help students comprehend fundamentals and concepts with ease. With more than 15 years of training experience, Orient Institute has successfully educated over 10,000 students. Each student undergoes a personalised analysis and counselling session in order to evaluate their performance and select the most appropriate course. The class sizes are limited to eight to twelve pupils of the same level, allowing for effective knowledge transmission and the development of communication skills. The goal of the institute is to enable each pupil to articulate their thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and opinions clearly, fluently, and with confidence. In addition to their regular courses, Orient Institute has conducted workshops and seminars at various schools on topics such as ‘Mind Power’ and ‘Positive Attitude,’ assisting students in coping with the pressures of studies and competition. Website URL– Telephone Number: 9820682823