Impact of Technology in Our Life During Pandemic

It’s very good to see youngsters using different ways of education these days. Thanks to Covid-19 which taught us more about digital mediums. None of us have thought attending schools and meetings from home. It was a dream became true for many of us and later it has got imbibed in our life. Covid has given us an opportunity to do work remotely without being physically present in office. From last two years we all have become more computer savvy and well verse with the technologies. Even grandparents are getting accustomed with many of these. Sometimes I think all these digital worlds has its own good and bad. We all can feel that we are getting more connected with the virtual world and getting detached with the real one. How good it is? We all ask this question with each other and later feel more comfortable with the technologies only rather than with humans. In schools we can see usage of many new tools like sensor whiteboards, Tv etc despite of many facilities children are not happy and getting victim of loneliness. They are more interested in playing games than reading. They have entire world at just one click of google however their brains are underutilised. Formulas what we used to learn in our schooltime kids of this generation are finding it difficult. Due to long screentime thy are getting prone to many ailments. I think we as a human need to consider always one thought that we are the creator of technologies so instead of becoming its slave we need to use it for our purpose and should know when to stop and teach the same to our new generation.