Determining the true goal of a good education is difficult.

We all know that education provides us with a sense of understanding of life, ecosystem etc. It is very evident in our society that education has its prime place with renowned varsities and prestigious alma maters. However, education has evolved in many ways. There was a time when parents were happy sending their kids to government schools & teachers had a very prominent place. Everyone had very high respect for them in our society. Slowly and steadily government schools lost its sheen because of lack of government funds, infrastructure and review mechanism. Therefore, parents thought of going elsewhere. Mindset of people, improved standard of living & per capita income in India were few reasons for this shift. Hence, government school education was replaced by public & then private and eventually by international schools. Now education is judged by the school fees and amenities provided by the schools, colleges etc. However true goal of education is still not clear to many. Earlier children who studied from normal government schools were better citizens than of today’s international schools. Sometimes I feel sorry for the Gen Z’s who are getting better education and facilities, but still are confused about their future, purpose & goals in life. Are we determining it from the big names? Or what can be the rubrics to analyse it. There are many instances where people have graduated from IIT’s or MBBS but opted for civil services; then what is the fun grabbing a seat which could have be given to an eligible candidate who can do wonders in that respective field. Generally, education helps in shaping up mankind but to quantify the growth in overall perspective is difficult. Apparently, we consider scores as most important aspect than values and there as human beings, we are failing continuously. Immense pressure what these days children are handling is quiet known to all of us. We as a so called modern and educated people should understand the real essence of education and help our kids in a right way to carve their path without defeating purpose of education.