About Us

Why choose an online course with LETUSMASTER?

Who we are

Our Purpose- It’s a place where we promote non-native speakers of English to speak like native speakers. Our students will get an opportunity to learn English with right tools that bring confidence in them. We will make them ready to  face the world with more rigour and sophistication. It’s a place where we work on every individual holistically so that they can improve day by day. We will teach them based on their developmental area by judging them on their right rubrics. Our spoken programs cater not only beginners but also those who want finesse in their speaking and writing abilities. Vision N Mission – No stones to be unturned for those who want to achieve big in their life just because of English. Every student will get a chance to develop themselves 360 with our spoken programs

How we help

Our methodology is completely based on logic model method where we work on Individual’s developmental area. Our buzz sessions help us in understanding each and every student in a better way and then our classes will give them platform to overcome their problems Why to choose us:
  1. 360 degree technique- We cover all aspects of spoken English like Pronunciation, Grammar, Speaking ability etc. Based on student’s improvement we guide them further. We are open for feedbacks and committed to deliver.
  2. Hear and sense technology- This is completely based on artificial intelligence where our app will update students their mistakes by listening and recording their voice. Based on their errors exercise will be given so that students can practise well.
  3. Collaborative and spaced learning- This is a technique of learning where same level of students learn something together where everyone shares their ideas, knowledge and help each other in better learning.

Our products

Speakup- This is a program which helps beginners to learn English from basic level. After completion of this level students can converse in day to day life and confidently face the world. This program is of 30 days and 45 hours. In this we cover
  1. Grammar with exercise
  2. Different activities to speak
  3. Pronunciation
  4. Vocabulary Building
Moveup-  This is an intermediary program which helps in moving up the speaking skills and be very confident in their speaking and writing abilities. Difficulty level increases in this segment and one can face public speaking efficiently. In this we cover
  1. Grammar with exercise
  2. Different activities to speak
  3. Pronunciation
  4. Vocabulary Building
  5. 2 sessions on Interview skills
Headway- This is an advanced program which not only helps you in being effective but also gives you edge to perform better in life. It grooms you in all parameters which further gives you edge in a crowd.

Who we Help

  1. Students
  2. Housewives
  3. Corporate professionals
  4. Small kids
  5. Anyone who wants to broaden their horizon